Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kali's Bachelorette Weekend

The weekend of September 14-16 we celebrated Kali's last days as a bachelorette! We had the lingerie shower at her new home on Friday night, then on Saturday we went to Nashville.  Everyone had a great time, and I couldn't be more proud of how it all turned out!

I left after class on Wednesday to go up and stay with her. I had yet to see her new home, and it had been a while since I had seen her.  I was so excited to just get to hang out.  I was completely shocked when I got there and saw that she was living in front of a hay pasture! If you know anything about my sister, you'd know that this is the last thing we would ever expect from her.  She has lived all over from Wyoming, to Birmingham, Atlanta, even Germany for time on and off.  She has flown and visited the entire world almost, but I guess she decided to settle into a more simpler life.  I couldn't be more jealous! I love it. I can see me out there with a pony, a few goats, and my chickens. It makes me happy to see her happy though.

I made us badges to wear out Saturday night with her face so everyone would know that we were together and who we were there for.
They were very simple to make, and I think they turned out super cute!
Other decorations from the shower
We all had such a great time!

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Tamara said...

You were a great maid of honor!! The house looked so cute. I am glad everyone had a good time.