Monday, January 31, 2011

Granddad's birthday was a success! He really enjoyed himself.

Saturday, Dad and I headed off to the city to cash in on his Christmas present.

We went up early to go to Ikea! Wow! What a store!  It had its own parking deck. We spent a good two hours, and I got a bag full of stuff for $28.00!  That is definitely my kind of store!

The main reason we went to "the city" was to see these three guys perform.
First, Bill Engvall.  He's my favorite.
Then, was Jeff Foxworthy

Last, Larry the Cable Guy

Great way to spend a Saturday!

Look how cute Pixie is in her Valentine's outfit...I think it's so funny how she sits on her bottom like babies!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Happy 91st Birthday, Granddaddy!

I owe this man a lot. 

He rubbed my ankles/feet for hours when I was a baby; therefore, I didn't have to wear braces.

He picked me up from daycare everyday at lunch and played Chinese checkers and colored Minnie Mouse pictures with me.

He taught me to tie my shoes, and I love that I do it left handed like he does.

He taught me how to fish and how to eat moon pies with RC colas.

He has been a huge part in my life, and I am thankful for his life!

Thanks to my granddad, I'm a Chinese checkers playing, moon pie eaten, left hand tying, straight ankled girl!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Everyday Re-Creations

Go check out our latest recipe!
  I promise it's not one that's going to disappoint!

This is My Life

I had to wait a day to get over this traumatizing experience before I could write about it.

Tuesday afternoon, I went to my parents house after work to pick up Pixie.

 {I go to my parent's because I work in my parent's town.  I live a good 30-40 minutes away.  This is good because I'm able to bring Pixie with me and drop her off by my parent's.  It definitely adds to my morning and afternoon commute, but she appreciates it.} 

I had beaten my mom there, so I let the girls outside and went back in to mess around.  Pixie came back in the house and just sat there looking at me with a very pleasant grin.  I looked down at her and was going to pet her, but then I realized she had a leaf on her back...or so I thought. When I went to grab it, it was Dun. DUn. DUN. a. dead. lizard.  I mean dead-dead.  Eyes missing, body frozen, nasty, disgusting thing just clinging to her back.  Sheer panic sunk in.  I was the only one there, so I had to get it.  I grabbed a paper towel, got the little sucker, and went outside.  It was a bit amusing at this point.  I couldn't put the thing down.  I just held it and freaked out.  I was squirming, and screaming, and dancing around.  I guess that's what a panic attack is, or my version. I was just so engrossed with the thought that I was holding this thing, that it was stuck to Pixie's back, and that she had been all over the house with it. 

At this point, I calmed a bit and paced a few minutes to gather my thoughts.  Then, it was attack time.  Time to attack Pixie with a bath and time to attack the house with a formal cleaning.  Poor thing didn't know what was going on.

I guess this is my life, full of dead-lizard-surprises. 

This is basically what Pixie looked like except it was Pixie, and it was a real lizard except he was dead.  I kid you not.  It was that big! Ok, ok, I'm exaggerating....a bit.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who's that girl??

Nothing warms up this cold, dreary day like thinking about someplace tropical.  So, come back with me if you will, and let's explore old body types Hawaii together. 

Day One
 We had just landed and went straight to the beach
Who's that skinny girl?? Oh, that's me before college.
We dressed like locals...

We swung from ropes.

We stood in front of picturesque locales and waved like fools.

We played in waterfalls.

We awed at views like this.

We saw where some of Jurassic Park (1) was filmed.

We hitchhiked...sounds safe doesn't it??

We snorkeled.

We took surf lessons from these hippies.

We made matching necklaces.

I am a little disappointed in the picture quality of these photoes; however, I was 18 and didn't own a very good camera.  Back then I didn't care. I was having the time of my life, and thought I would remember all details vividly in my mind forever.  I do have an entire album of photos, and I smile everytime I go through it.  This was an amazing senior trip, family vacay, and tour of the Hawaiian islands.  This experience was shared with friends that I didn't know would later become best friends and family especially my grandmother.  We were young, we were silly, and we were sometimes stupid.  Everything a senior trip should be! =) Thankfully, we all came back alive and well!

I wanna go back!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Can I just take a moment?

Can I just take a moment to pat myself on the back? Last night I went through a phase that doesn't happen all that often.  When it does, I take full advantage, because I know it'll go away pretty soon!

I've seen all the hype on getting organized and decluttered to kick off the new year, so I hopped on that wagon for a minute.  I cleaned under my kitchen sink, and I was even able to get rid of a few t-shirts.  I promise, one day someone will turn me into Hoarders because of my t-shirt obession!  I don't let myself buy them anymore, because I have a real problem of getting rid of them.  It's a sentimental thing for me. 

I also went through a few kitchen drawers and this laundry basket that stuff was thrown into when I moved from college.  Ok, soooo, I also have an obsession with pens, too, but I was able to go through them and pack up most of them to send off to school with my mom (teacher). 

Next, I found a few blankets that were in a trash bag in a closet just sitting there that I got out to donate to our local humane society.  I don't need or use them, why not give them to someone who does?

This was all a very big step for me. I don't like getting rid of my things.  I'm always thinking one day I'm going to need this.  Or, one day I'm going to wish I had that...

I'm so proud =)

This is something, however, that I'm not proud of.

Yes, that's a mouse trap. Better safe than sorry!

So, it's not a whole lot, but it is a good start!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Midweek Recipe

This is my sister, Kali.  That's pronounced Kaylee.  You wouldn't believe how many people get that wrong.

Today, I'm sharing a recipe that Kali recently prepared for us.  It's a baked spaghetti that actually tastes like lasagna.  No matter what it is or what it's called, it's good.  That's what we'll call it.  Good.
The original recipe was taken from here

Here are Kali's variations.  The night she made this, she actually prepared it into two separate smaller dishes.  One for me without onions and mushrooms (thanks, kali) and one with for her and Stephen. (gag)

  • I use rottini noodles instead of spaghetti.
  • I chop up mushrooms and onions, saute them and add them to the meat/sauce.
  • I use almost 2 jars of spaghetti sauce; about 1 1/2 (or more) with the meat and I layer the bottom of the pan with sauce and add a bit in with the layers.
  • I use garlic salt instead of all seasonings
  • Plus I add a little paprika

Monday, January 17, 2011

I have the...

best boyfriend in the world.  Want to know why?

Because he takes me to see elephants do things like this.

And to see if this man is going to be eaten by these.

And because he tries his best to take pictures with his eyes open like this.

See, he's the best.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just So You Know

Today is "Dress Up Your Pet Day"!  Pixie and I have already celebrated without even knowing. The poor thing gets cold in the morning.   To continue the celebration enjoy a montage I like to call 'Pixie, a look back through the threads'.

***Sorry, I still fight with blogger on getting pics lined up evenly. 
****Disclaimer: This adorable puppy was adopted for a humane society. Adopt, don't shop!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Tip

I'm a terrible sloucher.  I don't want to be, but I find that for the most part I am.  I figured out if I set my rear view mirror a little higher than normal it'll make me sit up straight.  Now, I can catch myself slouching and can correct it. There's your random Thursday Tip.  Do with it what you will.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Super Easy Weeknight Meal

New recipes can be scary or exciting.  It's up to you which experience you want to have.  Don't let yourself get worked up. Always try to go into cooking with the frame of mind that if it messes up we'll just order take out! 

Last night I tried a new recipe from the Pioneer Woman.  We're instantly becoming friends.  Just like Sarah Palin and I, but that's a whole different story.  No political comments please...

This recipe caught my attention quickly because it calls for pineapple.  I absolutely adore pineapple.  It's probably my favorite fruit.  Ree (that's the Pioneer Woman) gave a great tutorial in this link on how to slice up your own pineapple, and it is very informative.  If I ever decide to cut up my own pineapple I'll definitely use her technique.  However, for a week night- wait, who am I kidding? I'll probably never slice up my own pineapple! Can rings work perfectly.  I use the kind in their own juice- no heavy syrup tonight.

You can find Ree's recipe here: Pioneer Woman

Very short ingredient list- tortillas, chicken breasts, sauce (she used bbq, I used Jamaican Jerk, but next time I'm trying teriyaki), pineapple, margarine/butter, S&P, cheese (I used shredded monterey jack)

First, bang out all your aggressions, I mean your chicken. large can of pineapple works wonders

grill your pineapple
salt and pepper your chicken then grill in some margarine/butter- put some of your sauce on
butter a pan and put your tortilla in fill with cheese and chopped chicken/pineapple
 -can add jalapenos or anything else
add a little more cheese, what can it hurt? top it with tortilla and flip to brown the other side (add more butter)
Very easy, very yummy.
{don't feel sorry for us because of my pitiful table; i have a dining room table, but who wants to eat in there?!}