Monday, March 28, 2011

Terrible Twos

Thank goodness dogs don't go through terrible twos! Pixie turns two today (or so this is the day we celebrate)!  I guess technically she's like a fourteen.? Maybe I should have named this post 'Terrible Teens'?? Whatever her age, whatever the date, she's doing great! I thought about how she's come such a long way!  When I adopted her, she was sick and sad and scared of everything and everybody! Now, she's a little chunky monkey and loving every minute of her spoiled rotten life. When I adopted her, my dad wanted me to give her back because she was so sick. He apologizes for this now; he didn't want me to go through losing another pet so closely to losing the first. I can't imagine and don't want to imagine how things would be if I had listened to him! So thankful for this little thing.

She's my buddy.
Happy Birthday, Pixie!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Newest little blogger

My dear friend, Anna (you know, the one I blog on Everyday Re-Creations with), had her sweet baby boy yesterday! Congratulations to the family!! We're going to visit tonight; I can't wait to get my hands on that little booger! He's a doll, and everyone is doing great!

Welcome to the world, Baby Wade!
You have so many people already loving and praying for you!
Your life will truly be blessed!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm not going to tell you

Today I'm a little tired because I stayed up to finish the last Twilight book Breaking Dawn. =) =) It was so good. A great way to end the "saga".  Stephen will go to see it in the theatres with me, so he doesn't want to know what happened.  All along, I've been so anxious to tell him that I'd randomly say, "I'm not going to tell you what's happening, so don't ask." Trying to get him to ask me. He didn't fall for it. Dang!  Soo.. I'm not going to tell you about this one.... Just noting that I finished another book! That's three!

So...Kay, Bye!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 2; I'm starving!

My dad and I started the Slimfast diet for lunch.  Not because we're on strict diet, but we had gotten into the habit of ordering take out or pulling through a drive through and well, let's be honest... we've both put on a few.  So today is day number two.  I've eaten a breakfast bar in the mornings, a Slimfast for lunch, a Slimfast snack bar in the afternoon (and let me tell you this thing is barely the size of one Twix; not both of them, just one of them) and turkey (roast beef for Stephen) sandwiches for dinner. Stephen and I have been doing the sandwich deal since last week. It's a lot easier to know that that's what we're going to have, and it's a little better for me, too.  I think Stephen is OK with long as it's the "good" kind; you know the kind from behind the counter that they shave for you.  That was his one and only request. I can grant him that.

All of this rambling just to say I'M STARVING!! It'll get better and easier, I'm sure...OK, I hope, but today I am not in the mood for it! We've also started jogging in the evenings.  So add on all that muscle soreness on top of the hunger pains, and I am not a happy camper!

Beware of this hungry girl!

BTW: It's really not that bad. I'm not starving myself by no means. I'm eating fatty salt and vinegar chips with my sandwich and even loading on the mayo. So, no worries about me not being healthy!! Just trying to cut back and had to complain for a sec, k? Thanks!


Hello my faithful followers! =) 
If you are one of my followers, then chances are you are also a follower of Everyday Re-Creations, but just incase you aren't (which you totally should be!!) go check out the newest recipe!

It's one that I've never tried to make, and I can't wait to!! To be perfectly honest, it may not be until another holiday, but when that day comes this will be the recipe I choose to use!! Trust me, they are that good!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I think 25 is going to be a fantastic year if these past few weeks are any indication.

Can you believe I didn't manage to snap one shot of the decor? I was running around doing last minute things, and by the time I settled I had to turn into a hostess.

Here are a few pictures that were captured.
Two favorite guests =)

Cake and Candle Time

He hearts me, really.
I've missed these girls! So glad they came!

My favorite newlyweds were in attendance!

I think the smoke adds a certain something, don't ya think?
So glad my long time friend, Jessica, came! And Martha, too.

JD even left work early for the joyous occasion.

The next weekend, we went bowling with some great friends on Friday. By the way, I'm a great bowler if we only play one game.  I never last through the second.  Saturday I was able to soak up some sun while reading, and Stephen even tried to teach me to play tennis. That was interesting, but very fun! I hope he takes me again soon! Later that evening we went to see The Fab Four with some of my most favorite people! It was so much fun!! I hope you enjoy the pictures!
The couple in the middle actually introduced Stephen and me.  I knew Kathryn growing up because she was best buds with my sister, then later in life she turned into one of my dear friends, too.  Stephen knew Clay because they were fraternity brothers.  Crazy how things work out, but they are now one of our favorite couples to do couple-y stuff with.

Early Beatles

Can you guess what they were playing?

We've had such a great time these last few weeks. Maybe this weekend will be a little more relaxed? Nahhh, probably not!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Little Martha

A lot of people question why Stephen named his dog Martha.  This is why. 

Such a pretty song. Have a great weekend!

Little Martha =)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

I had the most wonderful birthday ever! A big THANKS to everyone who helped make it so! Pictures will follow soon.

How awesome has this weather been? I don't want to go inside, ever. That is until summer hits, then I'll want to be inside with the air conditioner unless I'm by a lake, or pool, or ocean with a frozen drink in hand. Ah..that's a nice picture to think about! Last night I had a dream that I was getting a sunburn on my arm.  How random? Maybe my body is screaming for some Vitamin D?

I also had a dream two nights ago that I was on American Idol with my band which included Paul McCartney and Steven Tyler. That was pretty awesome.

Enough about dreams.  This Saturday we're going to see the Fab Four! So excited! Check them out!

A dear friend of mine, Stacee, sent me an email the other day which said "This will be your child's party one day!" She knows me so well! This party looks super rad! BABYmania

To continue with a little Beatle love...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's my birthday, so I'm going to celebrate! :)
25 is going to be a good year!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Now that...

Fat Tuesday is over:
  1. the indulgences are done
  2. the beads have been thrown
  3. the reason the beads were thrown are carefully placed back in their holders
  4. the parades are over
  5. the streets are trashed
it's finally Lent.  My exact denomination doesn't practice this, but I think it's fun anyway. 

This year for Lent I am giving up the lottery.  I have a real problem.  It's not because I'm some huge gambler.  It's because a gas station is right across the street from my office, and sometimes in the afternoon I just need to go for a walk.  Ironically (Did I use it correctly, Stephen? He on the other hand does have a problem with people misusing the word 'Ironic' that ironic?) there are two more in my office that have this same urge for moving around. So, the three of us walk over to the gas station where they just so happen to sell lottery tickets.  I may have developed a little habit  in spending anywhere from 10-20 dollars a week in picking up random scratch offs and tickets for the weekly big games.

I really don't have a problem.

All that aside, Stephen and I are signing up for a little vacation.  What better way to save up for it than to save that $20 a week and put it in an envelope entitled 'Cruise'?

Oh, and for the record, I didn't partake in any of the list above, except maybe the indulging...and maybe the third one..."Throw me some beads!" I'm just pulling your leg! =)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Call me Butter

Because I'm on a roll! ha...haha...ha...

I finished my second book.  I'm not that slow of a reader, or maybe I am, but whatever, that's two down! This was a good one.   A better freebie than the last in my opinion.  That is, until I got to the end.  It just ended.  Have you ever wanted more, but not from a sequel? That's where I was.  Either way, it's over.  It was a sweet read.  Perfect bedtime companion. 

It was another Christian based book which talked a lot about mission work.  Then, at church yesterday they briefly discussed mission work.  Maybe someone's telling me to do some mission work???
Stuck in the Middle by Virginia Smith

It is the first book in a series called Sister-to-Sister.  Joan is the middle sibling who has personally taken on the responsibility of looking after her grandmother.  Her oldest sister is married and about to have a baby, while her youngest lives in the city with a fabulous apartment and wonderful job.  She's stuck in her hometown without a life...or so she thinks.  That's all I'll tell you, but there is a new doctor in town. OK, that's really all I'll tell you.

Easy, delightful read.

It's My Birthday...Week!

I don't know about you, but I like to celebrate all week long!

Last night I had my first trial run on camera with my new talent.
It didn't turn out so great.
Guess I have some more practicing before it's ready to hit the blog!

Here's hoping it'll be this week!

I'm having a small get together for my birthday with close friends and family this weekend, so I'm sure I'll be extremely busy with cleaning and decorating!

Stay tuned for pictures!

Also, Everyday Re-Creations posted a new recipe this weekend!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I apologize I didn't take any pictures, but I wanted to share these two recipes I've made recently. They were equally delicious and easy!

First, being a stuffed shells one. 
It didn't take much longer than spaghetti, and it was something different!

Check out the recipe Alysia's Stuffed Shells recipe.

Then, last night I had left over spaghetti sauce and left over buns.  Not your normal buns, but these

So, I added some sauce, pepperonis, mushrooms, and shredded cheese titled 'Pizza' and baked for about 10 minutes on 350 degrees.  They were delicious!  I would suggest toating the buns up for a few minutes first to make them crunchy. 

I also have been working on a little something, but I'm waiting to share.  It's a bucket list sort of...It's a list of things I want to accomplish before I turn 30.  I've seen a lot of these lists lately, and I decided I wanted one of my own.
 I have 5 years from next Thursday (10th) to get them all accomplished.
I'm perfecting my first goal as we speak.
I can't wait to share it with you!

With that being said, Happy March!