Friday, August 31, 2012

Showers and Tea

Last weekend Kali's bridesmaids hosted her and J.D. a couples shower.  Everything was decorated beautifully, thanks to Kathryn, and the food was delicious, thanks to all the bridesmaids!  She and J.D. got some really wonderful gifts! It made me so excited about future parties for Stephen and me!

I took a few pictures so Kali and J.D. would be able to put an announcement in the newspaper. Which one is your favorite?

They loved all their presents!
The next day we had Kali's Tea at the church.  Everything was beautiful, and all the ladies did such a wonderful job.  I had helped Kali out by making her hostess gifts. They were super cute! Post on those next time! It was so nice to see family and friends that I hadn't seen in a while.  It was a beautiful, exciting, and exhausting weekend, but it was all worth it! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Excitement

Today, I'm hiding out in Stephen's computer room with Pixie, because Stephen bought us a new refrigerator!  Oh, I'm so excited! This is the first purchase for "our home."  We have a long way to go, but this is a great start! :)

Today, I have class in Montgomery, but after class I get to have dinner with a great friend and one of my bridesmaids that I haven't seen in forever! I'm really looking forward to catching up with a great friend!

Yesterday was one of the best Sundays ever! Stephen took me to brunch at the fancy brunch place, then my dad joined us for a viewing of The Hunger Games! Of course it was complete with popcorn and coke; movies are always better with popcorn and coke!

This weekend I'm helping host a shower for Kali and JD, and then we have her church tea on Sunday. This is going to be a really busy week! Expect updates and pictures coming soon!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Making a List, Checking it Twice

I've become a bit overwhelmed in the last week or so.  I was trying to help plan Kali's Couple's Shower and her Bachelorette Party all while trying to plan my wedding and attend Stephen's World Series Tournament.  I didn't have a list, that was my first mistake.  From now on I'm making list after list.  I let it all get to me, and Stephen so sweetly reminded me that this is all supposed to be fun and exciting.  And he's right! I had forgotten that! So, from now on I'm going to be more organized and enjoy these experiences!

Stephen and I have now booked our photographer, our band =), talked to our florist and caterer, and booked the ceremony and reception site!

If only I could find a dress.  I know this is going to be a difficult task.  I went shopping in Atlanta last weekend with Kali and Casey, but we couldn't find THE dress.  Every dress that I picked out to try on was pretty.  They're all pretty.  So, how do you pick one?? We didn't have Mom, and I think that's what was wrong.  Next time she will definitely be there.  I need her opinion.  

Casey and Ryan were the most gracious hosts ever while they let me stay with them during the tournament.  Casey started our dress search out right with breakfast and mimosas! :) 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wedding Bells

Wedding planning is coming right along! I am so grateful for wonderful parents who are so enthusiastically planning two weddings within one year!! Kali's wedding is right around the corner.  She moved about two weeks ago to her new home like 15 hours away...not really, but just about.  We miss her, but we know she's happy, and that is all that matters....right? I can't wait until I get to go visit her and see her new home!  This month we have two showers for Kali in one weekend, and I'm planning her Bachelorette party! Woo! Hoo!

Stephen's baseball team heads to the World Series tomorrow.  They won State a few weeks ago; I am so proud of them.  I wish them nothing but the best next week!

My wedding planning has really taken off.  I've already talked to the florist, the caterer, the photographer, and scheduled a band.  Weddings sure are expensive, but it's going to be so much fun! Again, extremely thankful for seriously the best parents in the world...I'm sorry they aren't yours.

Mr. and Mrs. Farr in Training glasses a friend made us!
Today, I went to visit a dear college friend of mine and her new baby boy.  It sure was good to catch up.  These next few weeks are going to be extremely busy, but as long as I have my list I think I will be able to handle it! That dear friend of mine so graciously let me borrow her Cricket for a few weeks, so I am going to be crafting up a storm making shower gifts, bachelorette party goodies, and wedding gifts! I promise to take pictures to post after the receivers have received them!
someone enjoying the lake =)