Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good News!!

The Chattahoochee Humane Society is going to remain open!

Here's the story:

So, it's just a quick, short fix, but the word has definitely gotten around and maybe the locals will remember to help out the Humane Society! We all need to do better at remembering to help local charities. 

Here is their website, and you will find a list of needed supplies. There is also a "donate" link on the page.  Let's not have this worry again in six months!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Let me clarify myself.  I never said that I don't believe in euthanization.  I agree, sometimes it is in the best interest...sometimes.  But, the mass murder of all these animals is sickening.  I know there are some very good pets in there, that could have very happy lives.  If one animal gets adopted, I feel I have done my part.  If you don't like what I have to say, don't read it! I know there are thousands of opinions and views, and this is mine. Thank you.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Speak for those who can't

I've been waiting a while to have something to blog about.  Well...guess what!  It's animals again! I got news today that our humane society will be closing its doors in 9 days (September 30)!!!! There are currently 65 animals there that need adopting...or they will be put down.  Again, first I cried.  I thought about going and adopting a pet or two, but then thought it through. I knew that I wouldn't be tough enough to go in and pick one and deny the others knowing their fate.  That would be too hard.  So, I decided to do something else about it.  I have contacted several other no-kill shelters and rescue organizations asking them for their help.  Any help.  A few have gotten back with me so far.  Please pray that some quick actions will be made, and some if not all the animals will be relocated, adopted, and saved!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Today, I have someone picking me up a pumpkin at some farmer’s market in Georgia.  I’m finally starting to get excited about fall! Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but it’s hard to get in the swing of things when it’s still 90 something degrees! If it would just cool down 10 degrees I won’t complain, promise! Anywho- I’m getting a pumpkin today. Let the fall decorating begin!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I just want to share the goodies I made this weekend for a football party.

Oreo Pudding Goodness
1 package Oreo cookies

8 oz package cream cheese
1 ¼ cup powdered sugar
1 small package chocolate instant pudding
1 ¾ cup milk
8 oz tub Cool Whip, thawed

1. Finely crumble Oreo cookies in food processor. (I put them in a zip lock and crushed with a rolling pin)
2. Soften cream cheese and add powdered sugar, beating with mixer until well blended.
3. In a separate, larger bowl, mix instant pudding and milk until well blended. Add this mixture to Cool Whip. (My variation: I didn’t read the instructions until after I made my pudding. I used the 2 cups of milk the box calls for. So here I just added the already made pudding to the Cool Whip. I also had a large container so I “eyeballed” about half of the large Cool Whip container.)
4. Blend in cream cheese mixture to the pudding mixture.
5. Starting with crumbled Oreos, layer cookie crumbs and creamy mixture ending with cookie crumbs.

I didn't end with cookie crumbs, and I refrigerated overnight at this step.  The next day I put football shaped Oreo cookies on top.

Cream Cheese Jalapenos
I took jalapenos from my granddaddy's garden, cut the ends off, and split down the middle.  While wearing rubber gloves, I scraped the insides out. Then, I filled the insides with cream cheese, and wrapped about 1/4 to 1/2 of a piece of bacon, depending on how large your jalapenos are.  I secured with a toothpick. I placed them on a large cookie sheet and baked them for a good 30-45 minutes.  This depends on how well you like your bacon cooked.  Then I turned my broiler on hi and broiled them for another 2 minutes.  Careful, they will burn easy.

Both are very simple and delicious recipes! Enjoy!

Stephen and I enjoyed the Auburn football game Saturday together.  These are a few pictures from that day!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Broken Heart

Today I have a broken heart. Yesterday I was in my kitchen baking cookies for my neighbors when I heard Pixie growling/barking out the window. She is very territorial when it comes to her yard. She does not like anyone/thing to walk by. Well, I look out the window to see, and there he was. A pitiful black medium sized mixed dog. I could see every bone in his body. He could barely walk because his hips were hunched over. I panicked. I freaked out. I cried. When I came to I went outside to feed him, and he was gone. Walking down the street just a wagging his tail. I called to him, but he never even acknowledged me. I was too late. I feel extremely guilty, but maybe it was a blessing. He could have been sick or mean (doubt that). I could have gotten attached, and then lost him? Who knows? Because of my contributions to organizations like the ASPCA, World Wildlife Federation, and the Atlanta Humane Society I get emails daily with pictures of mistreated and starving animals.  But to see it first hand in my front yard?  It tore me up.  I didn’t call the police because they would have taken him to the shelter which euthanizes…I just couldn’t do that. That pup taught me a lesson though. Even when I feel like I have been dealt the worst hand and at the end of my rope, I should still wag my tail. Isn’t that just a like a dog? To be near death because of starvation and still just happily walking down the road wagging his tail. We should all be more like dogs.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything. I ran across that quote the other day, and it put a huge burden on my heart. Now, I’m not going to go and tie myself to an oil rig or burn my bra, but I do want to do more than just live my day to day life. I want to look back and be proud of what I have done for others. This is in no way to brag about what I have done. I just want to get some of you thinking about others, too. It doesn’t matter what you choose to support, but support something. Times are tough right now, but I promise you have it better than a lot of other people, and you will be rewarded in some way, sometime. No charity is too small or unimportant. No gift is too small or unimportant. We all have callings to help different organizations, but choose one. Even if you don’t have much to give, choose something and donate a little. Every little bit helps, seriously. And I promise it will give you that “warm fuzzy feeling” that we all secretly yearn for.  If one person reads this and they donate, then someone/something has been helped!