Thursday, December 30, 2010

And in the end...

The love you take
Is equal to the love you make. -The Beatles

Wow! Where has 2010 gone? This has been a very exciting year!  I started this blog- woo hoo! Everyday Re-Creations started- yay! I have loved writing my thoughts down for you all to see...however many all actually is.  Today being the last day that I will post in 2010, I thought I would share some of my New Year's Resolutions.  Maybe if I tell you all about them I may actually follow through!

       1.  Do more crafts, projects, recipes to share
In the past, I've just explained about something I have done and given a few pictures.  2011 is going to be a year of doing! I want to come up with some good tips to share, or a new recipe that is cheap and easy.  I want you to want to come back and see what I'll be doing next.  I promise that next year I will experiment more things for you to try that will save you money and/or time. 

       2.  Read ten books
Pretty small number, huh?  Usually I'm doing ok if I read one book a year.  In 2011, I promise that I will hold myself accountable for my reading.  After each book I read, I will give you a breakdown on if it was enjoyable, an easy read, and if I would recommend it to you.

       3.  Be more healthy
Yeah, yeah typical resolution.  Seriously though, I'm not saying I want to lose X number of lbs or run four miles every morning.  I just want to be more conscious about what I put in my mouth and try and get outside more often and go for a walk. Easier said than done.

       4.  Recycle more
Ok, recycle at all.  I'm not a recycler. However, this year even if it's just one type of product I want to try and recycle.  Any ideas on what my first step in recycling should be? 

       5.  Save more money
Last year, I challenged myself to go two months without buying any clothes.  I think I'll do more challenges like that.  Stay tuned.

That's it.  They all seem fairly easy to obtain.  That's the key in resolutions.  Don't set your goals on something that you know you'll never live up to.  That just makes for a bigger let down. Start small.  I'll let you know how well I stick with mine! What are some of your resolutions???

Happy New Year! May you be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man. ~Benjamin Franklin

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Technology

You thought I was going to tell you about something new and exciting in the technology world? Oh, I'm sorry.  Maybe I should have named this post New-to-Me Technology.  I'm very far behind on things.  I don't have internet on my phone (used to, but got rid of it because I never used it), and my lap top at my house is always turned off because I don't have internet services. That's what Stephen and parents are for.  The only Ipod I own was purchased 6 years ago, and it probably hasn't been turned on in 3.  The only exciting thing I own is Sirius XM (and I can't live without that) until now... I got a Kindle for Christmas! I am so excited!  I am loving all the free books on Amazon!  I wouldn't be surprised if I never actually purchase one...You think I'm cheap? Maybe I am, or maybe I'm thrifty!  The free books change periodically from what I understand.  So, unless there is a particular book that I just have to read, my Kindle life will probably go on with the freebies. 

All Kindle tips or book recommendations are appreciated!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Looking Back

Ok, I'm sad.  Sad that Christmas is over.  Sad that the decorations have to come down.  Sad that Christmas music is off the radio, and sad there are no more Christmas movies.  The Christmas season is wonderful.  This year I was running from house to house to house...or I should say from meal to meal to meal.  It was great.  I was so exhausted and full...but loving every minute! I was afraid that in the anticipation of going to the next house that I may not have ripped open my presents and loved on every one of them like I should have.  With that being said, I loved ALL my gifts.  A BIG THANKS to everyone! Santa was way too good this year!  It's almost embarrassing ....almost... :)

Christmas Eve was just as good as I remembered it being!  Lots of yummy foods, great friends, and BINGO! We rode the Merry-Go-Round one last time and went to Christmas Eve service.  There was one thing that tried to throw us off.  Let me preface by saying I don't like change.  I like traditions.  At the candle light Christmas eve service it's usually dark, and we sing "Silent Night" a cappella.  This year there was no "Silent Night", and it wasn't exactly dark in the church.  That's all right though, maybe next year it'll be back...fingers crossed! At first there was that moment of panic, but then it became a joke and we randomly broke into Silent Night the rest of the night.  I guess you just have to know my family. 

Most of all, I enjoyed my time at home.  I yearn to stay at home.  I love my job and am extremely grateful for my job, but being at home suits me.  This year since Christmas was on a Saturday I had Monday off.  I got to watch the Today show (I love Kathie Lee and Hoda!), put up some Christmas decorations, go grocery shopping, cook dinner, take Martha to the vet, (I even had time to take a shower- which is not something I like to do when I don't have to) and all before Stephen got off work! It was fabulous!  One day, I hope to find something to do that will let me stay at home while making some money... Wishful thinking....

Merry Christmas!
I hope you and yours had a Very Merry Christmas!!!! Now, let's get ready to ring in 2011!
ALL of the girls =)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It takes hands to build a house...

... but only hearts can build a home. ~Author Unknown
3 Days Until Christmas

I'm getting a little nervous, I still have a few things to pick up before Christmas. I guess I better get on that!

Today I thought I'd share the progress on how the new house is coming.  It's come such a long way already...still has a lot of work left, but it's getting there!

Good Luck getting all your last minute shopping done!!! Just remember....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 Calling Birds Cont'd

Get it? 4 calling birds...the Beatles =)

This close to Christmas, I'm sure we could all use a little help! What do you need help with?

4 Calling Birds

4 Days until Christmas!

I'm not a huge fudge fan, but that's one thing I feel should be around at Christmas.  We haven't had it in a few I decided I'd give it a go!  As a last minute thought before I went home from work yesterday, I printed off a recipe on  My mom was on her way to the store, so I asked her to pick up the 3 ingredients that she wouldn't have already.

I've honestly been afraid to make fudge in the past, but this was the easiest recipe.  It took no time to make, and it really is pretty good!

1/2 cup butter
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups white sugar
1 (5 ounce) can evaporated milk - make sure you only have 5 ounces!
10 large marshmallows- cut in half
1 cup chopped walnuts- I used Pecans

1.Butter an 8x8 inch dish.
2.Place butter, chocolate chips and vanilla in a mixing bowl. Set aside.
3.In a medium saucepan over medium heat, combine sugar, milk and marshmallows. Bring to a boil, stirring frequently. Reduce heat to low and cook 6 minutes more, stirring constantly. Remove from heat.
4.Pour marshmallow mixture over contents of mixing bowl. Beat entire mixture until it thickens and loses its gloss. Quickly fold in nuts and pour into prepared pan. Refrigerate several hours until firm.

*Tip: you might want to cut the marshmallows in half. It'll take them a few extra minutes to melt if not.
Stir this constantly, the bottom will burn. 

 *Tip: Enlist the help of a eager neighbor to chop the nuts!

*Tip: Don't drop your bowl.

Fold in your nuts

Monday, December 20, 2010

Let the Countdown Begin!

5 days until Christmas!

Woo Hoo! It's really only 4 days until my Christmas celebrations start.  My cousin's birthday is Christmas Eve, and I enjoy this day almost as much as I enjoy Christmas day...maybe equally.  This is a day that we all gather for lunch and cake to celebrate Carlen and Jesus's birth.  We hang out all afternoon. We play bingo with gifts that can be swapped like Dirty Santa.  It's just fun.  It's not about what we get or who got who what.  Our gifts are silly.  We sometimes have other friends join.  It's a great day.  We usually go ride the Merry-Go-Round (a hometown tradition) before it closes then go to Candle Light Service at church. This is one of my favorite days.  It's a day that we get to experience what Christmas is really about, a time of fellowship and Jesus's birth. 

Happy Early Birthday, Carlen!

Parent's Christmas Card...yes, that adorable chubby cheeked baby is me =)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sheer Excitment


My favorite book turned into a movie!! About a circus!!! With Robert Pattinson!!! I'm about to pee in my pants!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weather Warning

Pixie loving the snow!
A few days ago I noticed our outdoor kitty, Maggie, licking what looked like was ice.  At this time of the year if you have outside pets, please remember to take extra measures to keep them warm.  Maggie has her own little house made up complete with electric heating pad. (ok, that might not be the safest thing, but at least she's warm!) Just remember that animals get cold, too.  So, maybe fill their dog house with pine straw and a blanket.  Or, you can cover the opening of the dog house.  BUT BE SURE THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO GET IN AWAY FROM THE ELEMENTS! Something that is preferably off the ground and covered and with walls...something like this would be ok.
Ok, it doesn't have to be this elaborate, but do be sure your pets have somewhere they can get warm.  Put yourself in their position.  Would you want to be stuck outside all night long just to sit under a tree? No. Let's recap.  Be sure they have something to get into, be sure they have water that is not a frozen block of ice, and it doesn't hurt if they have a cute pink polka-dot coat to wear, too! :)


I know I haven't posted Hawaii pictures, and I know I haven't posted anything lately.  Sorry about that.

Today is my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mama!!!!

In honor of her birthday a video with sprinkles! This made me LOL seriously... Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Thirty years ago today, John Lennon was shot and killed in New York City. 

As I have expressed before, I do enjoy some Beatles and John Lennon music.  It's my favorite. It saddens me to think about what we missed out on.  John Lennon was forty when he died.  40.  That's not old.  Some could argue that he lived many lives during that forty years.  He had way more experiences than I'll ever get to go through, I'm sure.  Be that as it may, he wasn't through.  Stephen and I watched a special on Fox News this weekend about the days leading up to his death. The days before his death he had gotten back in the studio to make music.  Imagine all the talent we could have been experiencing the last thirty years to the present.  He only would have been seventy.  Paul is still rocking on (I got to see him last summer- great!!!!). So, I imagine John would have been pleasing crowds still as well.  I definitely would have loved the chance to get to see him perform...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy

69 years ago today Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan.  I have been lucky enough to visit this place, and tomorrow I will share pictures.  In 2004, the summer after I graduated high school my sister, grandmother, cousin, along with a large group took a 10 day(I think) trip to Hawaii.  It was so worth every penny! We stayed two days on land and then cruised around some of the different islands.  That was my version of a "senior trip", and I could not have asked for anything better!

We traveled to Pearl Harbor the day before we left (I was a long time ago).  It was weird being there.  It has a silence about it; I'll never forget it. 

I can't wait to share my personal pictures...can't believe I left them at home!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Personal Perfection


1. an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color.

In my opinion, these guys are the definition of music.  I want to thank Stephen for giving me a copy of their album Abbey Road, which introduced this song to me.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Too Much for One Post

Ahh...the Big Top!
There were too many events last weekend to fit all in one post, so this is part two.  Stephen and I went on a date to the big city of Atlanta.  I have been looking forward to this for quite some time.  I bought us tickets to see Cirque du Soleil a few months back, and Saturday was Showtime!  If you have never seen a Cirque show, you really should put that on your list.  It's my favorite!  It's like a circus for big kids, and that's all I really am anyway, so I love it! Nothing beats watching a circus type show while sipping on a glass of eight dollar wine. This was my third show to see, but it was Stephen's first, so I was anxious to see how he felt about it.  After reading Water for Elephants this summer, I have been hyped up on circus stuff!  APT has been airing a show called Circus about the Big Apple Circus the last few weeks, and I have been all about it!  I love the idea of joining a circus.  Everything about it excites me! I think I would be a great elephant master! Give me a showgirl outfit and an elephant with a pink headdress, and I'll be set! 
Forgive my crazy eyes...I was excited!
This picture was taken right before we got in trouble for taking pics! ;) Oops!

2 Prizes

Go check out
to see what's been added to our contest!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Kind of Holiday

This past weekend was Thanksgiving- duh! I think this was the best one yet.  It was jam packed and filled to the brim; much fun was had by all! Ever since I can remember my parents have always hosted the feast at their house.  We had eleven people join us this year (it varies year to year, but always around there).  We had enough food to feed an army, and I did my best to down as much as possible.  The last few years, my mom has always had a "craft time" after lunch.  It's usually some sort of ornament.  This year was probably my favorite!  I helped her try to find a craft, but we couldn't come up with anything.  I wasn't even sure we'd make one.  Lo and behold, Mom came through.  If you've been reading my blog at all, you know that my parents have a little house project.  They moved a house that belonged to my granddad's grandparents onto their property.  When taking down the roof for the move, they collected lots of square nails.  We took two of those nails (one larger than the other) and made them into a cross.  They turned out really cute!  Does your family have any holiday traditions that you look forward to?


What do you think of my new page? Sorry it's been blank for a while.  Stephen helped me create it, (and when I say "helped" I mean he did it all; I just sat behind him and told him what I liked or didn't like) and I love it!  It fits me for right now anyway!! Tell me what you think!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake

Everyone go on over to EverdayRe-Creations to enter for a chance to win our yummy 6-Layer Dreamy Chocolate Mousse Cake.  You can be entered in the drawing up to five times, so go check it out!

You know you want it! =)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

I know some puppies that are having a special treat this week!

Go check out Everyday Re-Creations latest post from me! =)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Vist from a Fairy

I had a visit from a fairy this weekend.  When I dropped Pixie off at my parent's this morning, my scarves were made! Pixie's and Martha's were sitting on the counter displayed beautifully!  Now as much as I need wanted the practice I am glad they are complete.  I secretly knew there would be no time for them; my week is filling up fast.  So a big thanks goes out to my mama (or the fairy)!!

Martha about to sneak onto the couch
{pics of scarves to follow}

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Updates

So life happened yesterday (and the lack of my sewing abilities) and I wasn't able to get the scarves made.  I started on Pixie's, but it needs a little work before I show it to the world.

So, I thought I'd give you an update on the house:

[It's getting a new roof]

{and Beamer got a haircut}

I hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Afternoon Funny

{I love predicted text when sending a text message, but it can also backfire.  For example, be cautious "another" can show up as "cooties". }

I have an itch!

Today, I can't wait to get off work and run home because I have a project that I've been itching to complete!  This is a long time coming, but I remembered that we had some left over Thanksgiving material from last year when I was trying to make some dish soap aprons like my grandmama used to make... I should have taken some lessons when I could have and thanked her more genuinely...those things are ridiculously hard to make! Like I said I have left over material because the aprons never got completed.  So, this afternoon they will become scarves for the puppy dogs!  :)  I can't wait to show them check back tomorrow for the big unveiling!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Midweek Music

I love The Beatles and always have.  When I was little Paul was my favorite, now I fancy John a bit more.  I love this song, and I especially love this video. Since I never got to see John Lennon when he was alive, (died 1980; I wasn't born until 1986) I enjoy how this video brings him to life for me. 

Everyday Re-Creations

Hey guys! I want to take a moment to give a new blog a plug...Everyday Re-Creations.   This is a blog that two of my dear friends had an idea for, and they have asked me to join forces with them.  We have been working very hard on it for a few weeks, and today we are announcing it to the world!  This blog is for us to stretch our arms in the kitchen.  We are going to be trying those things that we have been terrified to cook!  We will also be sharing tips and other recipes and even re-creating recipes from some of our favorite shows!

Go check out our new blog and become a follower!  I think this will be a great experience with lots of fun had by all! I hope you enjoy!

Everyday Re-Creations Girls

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day!

Thank you to all who have served and are serving our country!

God Bless America!!

My grandparents July 1943

Monday, November 8, 2010

Flow it, Show it- Long as I can grow it

Stephen's dog Martha is an absolute sweetheart.  She is seriously the most behaved big dog I have ever encountered.  She's only a year old, and she is so calm and smart.  She's way better behaved than Pixie...Martha actually comes to you when she's called!  I only have one issue with her... Dun*Dun*Dun...her hair! I feel like Stephen's house is being overtaken by hair, and I fear no matter what it's going to be that way.

Martha has that lab like hair, coarse, short and everywhere!  It just gathers in little places on the floor, and it really grosses me out. It's everywhere.  I find Martha all over the place.  In my purse, in my car, at my desk at work.  Let me explain, we aren't gross people.  I clean it constantly, and it's not that bad.  I may be exaggerating a bit because this is one thing that I have always had a big hate towards.  When I was getting a pet, I knew it had to be a breed that would not shed.  However, Stephen already had Martha when I met him, and so it is what it is. 

On that note, I know that Stephen is not the only person in the world with a shedding dog in the house.  What do you do to keep the hair at bay?  Do you vacuum everyday?  I know all the things on the market to use to get rid of the hair, but do they actually work?  Any input on this would be much obliged!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

latest newsletter:

Missouri voted YES! on Prop B! Thank you for saving thousands of dogs.

November 3, 2010
Thousands of dogs will soon enjoy a better life -- and they have you to thank.

Missourians voted YES! on Prop B, and chose to save dogs suffering in Missouri puppy mills.

You made this victory happen. Whether you donated to keep our TV ads on the air, spent your nights phone banking for Prop B, hit the pavement with leaflets, gathered signatures from registered voters, or engaged your friends and family in Missouri -- you helped show millions of Missouri voters what Prop B would mean for dogs.

We are grateful to the citizens of Missouri for voting to crack down on puppy mill abuses and establish common-sense standards for the care of dogs at large scale facilities. Finally these creatures will have relief from being crammed into small and filthy cages, without veterinary care, exercise, or human affection. If we can do it here in the nation’s largest puppy mill state, we are more likely to see similar reforms enacted in other states, where the industry is not nearly as strong and entrenched.

Dogs should be treated like family pets, not like breeding machines or a cash crop. We look forward to working with commercial breeders to transition to more humane systems and setting a new high bar within this industry. Missouri lawmakers and state officials should heed this message from the people, and immediately step up enforcement efforts to crack down on inhumane breeding operations.

How dogs are treated is so important to all of us -- and even more important to the dogs who have been suffering every day in Missouri’s puppy mills. Together, we fought for a better life for puppy mill dogs, and together, we won.

Thank you,
Barbara Schmitz
Campaign Manager

Missourians for the Protection of Dogs / YES! on Prop B

P.S. For the latest news and next steps, please continue to visit

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

This weekend was incredibly busy, and I loved every minute of it! Thursday night was a blast handing out candy to at least 200 trick-or-treaters.  I thought I had enough candy to go around, but I gave out with about an hour left in the night!  Oh well- off with the porch light! 
Pixie and me ready to give out candy!

 Friday night we went on a double date with our good friends Andie and Derrick.  We went to view the pumpkins that the architect students create at AU. 

Then, Saturday night we went to a Halloween costume party!  I promise we meant no offense, but we went as Chilean miners.  We figured since they had a happy ending it was OK to honor them with our costumes.  On the plus side, my costume cost one dollar, because all I had to buy was a little face paint!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick-or-Treat Tips for Pets

Halloween 2009
I'm going to start this blog off with an apology.  I'm sorry all I talk about is animals...but that's where my life is right now.

Like I told you Monday, tonight is Trick-or-Treat night in my town! I am sooo excited!! It's been pretty rainy here, so I hope that clears up before tonight! With all that being said, I thought I'd share this email newsletter about Halloween safety tips for animals.

Tips to Help Keep Your Dogs and Cats Safe This Halloween

Halloween is meant to be fun, but it can also be frightening, especially for skittish pets. The items and activities we associate with the holiday — candy, costumes, trick-or-treating — can spell trouble for dogs and cats if you aren't careful. To help ease any pre-holiday anxiety, we spoke with veterinarian Dr. Sandra Sawchuk, who offered her tips for making Halloween enjoyable for your furry family members.
  • Keep your pets inside. Sawchuk speaks from experience on this one: Her father lost his poodle one Halloween when the dog went running out the door after some costumed kids came by. "The constant trick-or-treating, coupled with excited kids in funny masks, can be frightening for some dogs," Sawchuk tells "And if your dog is territorial, the situation can be dangerous for people on the other side of the door, too."

  • If you have a pet who normally lives outside, bring him in, and be sure to keep a close eye on cats, too. "There's the belief that on Halloween, someone's going to abduct your black cat and use him for a satanic ritual," she says. "I don't know how often that happens, but any cat can be at risk of being startled and [then] bolting on Halloween, especially in a busy neighborhood. "

  • Use flameless candles. Sure they look cute lighting up your jack-o'-lantern, but candles are obviously dangerous to curious dogs and cats, who could accidentally knock lit pumpkins over. "You don't want your pets burned or your house starting on fire," Sawchuk says.
{Ok- I'm probably not going to abide on this one. -K}

  • Store candy out of reach. "Everyone's always concerned about chocolate, but a wad of anything sweet, sugary and fatty going through your dog's system can cause vomiting and diarrhea too," Sawchuk warns. "We've had dogs swallow suckers before, and the sucker sticks get stuck in places they don't belong." Be sure the candy you're handing out is in a safe place, and that your kids don't leave candy within reach of your pets, either.

  • If your dog does ingest a large amount of milk chocolate — one ounce per pound of body weight or more — seek medical attention immediately. "It doesn't take many little Hershey bars to add up to that," Sawchuk says.

  • Since cats don't generally go for candy, you don't need to be as vigilant with them. But if you have a cat who has tried to eat sweets in the past, make sure he can't access your treats.

  • If your dog must go outside, stay with him. Depending on your dog's temperament and the amount of traffic in your neighborhood, it may be acceptable to take him trick-or-treating, Sawchuk says. But be sure to keep your pup on a leash, and hang back from people's front doors.

  • "Sometimes, people will have a family member hiding near the door to scare kids," she explains. "Your dog may get protective if he suddenly thinks you're in danger — it can be frightening." Be sure to keep your leashed dog away from unfamiliar kids, too; they may not know how to handle pooches properly.

  • Only put costumes on willing dogs. "Most dogs hate dressing up, and putting a costume on them makes them scared," Sawchuk shares. "It's just not fair to the dog." Regardless of how tempted you are by cute Halloween costumes, if you know your dog well, and know he doesn't like dressing up, avoid trying to do so.
{Trust me- Pixie loves costumes. -K}

 Happy Howloween!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Parade Day

The house was transported today, and it made it in one piece! It went straight down the middle of town.  I went outside my office and took pictures as it came by as if a parade were passing through.  Be gentle with your needs a lot of T.L.C.

On another note: Stephen was not pleased with his pumpkin because it fell in, so he made a new stencil and carved a new pumpkin.
Happy Halloween!!

- by Sandra Liatsos

There's a goblin at my window,
A monster by my door.
The pumpkin at my table
Keeps on smiling more and more.

There's a ghost who haunts my bedroom,
A witch whose face is green.
They used to be my family,
Till they dressed for Halloween.

Stephen's AU Stencil

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I am so excited for Thursday to get here! That is when all the kids will go trick-or-treating in my town.  Last year was my first Halloween experience with passing out candy, and it was so much fun! I had so many kids show up! Thankfully, a neighbor had given me a heads up so I was prepared.  Now it's time to get prepared again.  I'll have a few people over and cook dinner, and we'll all hang out while passing out candy! Such a fun night!

I also want to share the pumpkins Stephen and I carved Friday night.  He knows how excited I get about stuff like that, so he surprised me by making these stencils for us! He's the best! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Prop B

I have had the urge to share with you something that is close to my heart.  I get emails daily about this, and I have given all I can give.  So, I wanted to make others aware, and if it touches your heart maybe you'll want to contribute as well.  I'm talking about puppy mills.  This is something that means a lot to me, because when I hear about them or see pictures I can't help but see my Pixie there.  She was rescued from a puppy mill situation, and taken to the humane society (that's where I got her).  I love her dearly, and she is the best dog I could ever ask for.  However, she only likes about 3 other people, she's terrified of big men, she's extremely protective with food and bones, and I'm not exactly sure how she is with children.  When someone wants to pet her, she runs, and it makes me feel like everyone thinks I did a terrible job raising her.  I do know the truth though, and I know that I didn't get her until she was about 6 months old and so I can't undo the damage she had in the first part of her life. I can continue to introduce her to new situations and hope that she comes out of this fear.  She has come such a long way!

Anyway-  Missouri is the largest state for puppy mills, and they are trying to pass a law.  Read below the facts.  How can we help outside of Missouri?  Well, they are using their donations to make TV commercials to show during shows such as Oprah, DWTS, and other big name shows to help spread the word. If you can't give, I understand, but I just wanted to share this information.  I had no idea about puppy mills and the cruelty that goes on in most/some of them until Pixie. 

This is their latest email newsletter.

The Kansas City Star and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch have endorsed a YES! on Prop B. We all agree: Dogs like Legs deserve a better life.

This is Legs, pictured below, just before she and 91 other Yorkshire Terriers were rescued from a substandard puppy mill in southwest Missouri in February 2009 by the Humane Society of Missouri.

She was missing teeth, and had endured severe dental disease, skin infections, and bone and joint disease -- too much suffering for a Yorkie at only eight years of age. And unbelievably, some of the dogs that were rescued with Legs even had to have limbs amputated because the blood supply to their legs was cut off by their terribly matted hair.

Unfortunately, there are dogs similar to Legs suffering in puppy mills in Missouri at this very second. But if a new law gets passed by Missouri voters on Election Day -- called Proposition B -- these dogs won’t have to suffer any more.

Prop B is a measure that will appear on the Missouri state ballot in just 11 days. If passed, it will stop puppy mill abuses by establishing common sense standards for the care of dogs, such as clean food and water, adequate space and exercise, necessary veterinary care, and rest between breeding cycles.

But this law won’t magically get passed on its own. Puppy millers and agribusiness groups have mounted a fierce campaign to defeat it, and we are running short of the money we need to air critical television ads and deliver our message to voters in all 114 counties in the state.

Will you make an emergency contribution today to communicate our message to Missouri voters to pass Prop B and help save thousands of dogs from the suffering endured by Legs?

Today, thanks to a long-time foster parent, Legs has been rehabilitated and adopted by a loving family. She never again has to worry about a life devoid of love and care. Will you help us ensure that other dogs get this same chance at a better life?

At puppy mills in Missouri, dogs are crammed into small and filthy cages, denied veterinary care, exposed to extremes of heat and cold, and given no exercise or human affection. These puppy mills are cruel and the way these dogs are treated is wrong. Prop B will finally turn around Missouri's reputation as the puppy mill capital of America, and make a difference for hundreds of thousands of dogs in the nation's top puppy mill state.

We have just 11 days left to reach Missouri voters through our TV ads, get out the vote efforts, leafleting, and other efforts -- please donate today to help all the suffering dogs like Legs.


Barbara Schmitz
Campaign Manager
Missourians for the Protection of Dogs / YES! on Prop B

Mum's the Word

I wanted to share my fall decor with you!  This is my house with my new scarecrow...I just love him! Question: my mums are starting to die.  Can anyone help me with this?? I'm thinking that they may be too big for their pots, would that kill them? And yes, I try to water they need water everyday?  Or did I just buy old mums?  What is a mum's lifespan?

I also want to give an update on the house...the site is being cleared where it's going to go.  It will be moved either Monday or Tuesday!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


So yesterday was a boring post, I know.  Today, I want to tell you about one of my simple pleasures! Apple's one of those things that makes me so happy.  I love apples when they've been cooked.  Not that big on the raw fruit, but when cooked and mixed with sugars, cinnamon, etc it's the most wonderful thing.  I had my first mug of cider last night; just the perfect way to now officially start the holiday season!  When I'm warming a lot of it, I love to put it in a big pot on the stove and put cinnamon sticks in it and cut up oranges and let it all marinade together.  It's the best kind of potpourri! 

Now for all you over 21 fans...add a dash of a dark liquor and you have a nice hotty toddy!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Makings of a Millionaire

Ask me if I am planning for my future.  My answer is yes!  As weird as it is to think about, but in 41 years I will be 65.  If I have to work throughout my entire life, you better believe I'm going to at least be through at 65! So, I decided to make sure that is going to happen... well my dad pretty much set it up and took me. But either way,  I went and met with a financial advisor and started "planning for my retirement".  So, the reason I'm mentioning this to you is because you might want to start planning ahead also.  Like my dad said to me, "You will be thanking me when you're older."

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weekend Update

Friday night we went to the Eagles concert and had a blast! We were forever away from the stage (because there was about 50,000 people there and it was open field, first come first serve), but they were fantastic! They sounded just as if we were listening to their album. 

Also, they got the roof off the house! It's ready to be moved.  My parents just have to now prepare the spot in which they plan to move it to. We're hoping to get it moved this week!

On another note: my granddaddy had to go to the ER Saturday night with his leg hurting.  He says he's ok now, but they've taken him to see a specialists.  There are no broken bones, so they are thinking it's his nerves.  Prayers are appreciated!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

My One Fan

This is a shout out to my one fan...Emma Cook! She has her own blog- everyone should go check it out! She's always giving great advice on coupon clipping, baking, sewing and sweet stories about her family!  She's also giving a freebie out right now! Everyone go over and check out her blog!