Thursday, February 7, 2013


Updated news from the school front:

Turned in my first paper today on the differences of the performance of the military during the beginning and the end of the Revolutionary War.... :/, and I have a presentation to give tonight in my education class on creating and sticking to a budget.  Let's hope all that goes well!

Updated news from the wedding front:

I think we have our invitations finalized....thanks, Stephen! :)  I've also mailed out invitations to the women I've asked to cut our cakes for us.  I'll post pictures soon.  I had a moment and thought our wedding invitations were to go out next week (the usual 6-8 weeks early) and had a panic attack.  Then, I realized I just can't count.  They are to go out next month- whew! =)  Saturday morning we have our counseling session at the church.  I think that's going to be fun- I'll let you know!

Updated news from the home front:

No one wants my house.  No one wants to look at my house either.  It's getting tiresome wearing wrinkly clothes (because it's a pain getting out my ironing board/iron in the morning and having to put it right back up....I know, that's terrible, but when I have to leave for work so early it's hard) and having to pick up every single thing behind me in the mornings so just in case someone decides to go be nosy.  I guess that's the business of this game though.  Stephen's house remodel is a slow-go.  We're still on his hall bathroom, but it's looking great!

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