Thursday, July 15, 2010

This has been an extremely busy week! It’s been a good week; one filled with new and exciting things and the excitement of packing for vacation! Tuesday night, I became a student again! That was interesting…I enjoyed signing up for a class because I wanted to and not because I had to! I started a floral arranging class at Auburn University. Now, I am officially an Auburn Tiger! This class will meet on Tuesday nights for 5 sessions, and we will learn the fundamentals of how to arrange floral arrangements out of stuff in your yard and for more professional reasons. I’m mostly looking forward to learning more about different varieties and types of plants and flowers and especially names. This week she showed us how to take what we have in our yard and mix it with different things to make a nice arrangement. Pictures will follow once we start actually making stuff. I have to miss next week, but my teacher said I could come early the following week and she’d show me what I missed! I think I will learn lifelong lessons from this class, and I’m really excited about it! It was strange to have that feeling in the pit of my stomach Tuesday night…you know, the one you always got on the first day of school! I enjoyed it!

Wednesday night was exciting as well. My dad joined me for pedicures! I had given him a gift certificate for Father’s Day, and we decided to use them right before our beach trip. He enjoyed it so much. I knew he would! I got him the works, so he got all the special treatment.  Everyone in there was extremely impressed that I have such a great daddy. And I must say I do! He’s the best! After pedicures, my parents came to my house to help me rearrange furniture. My dad helped me make a headboard out of fabric, so I was very anxious and ready to get that hung! We did a total switch on the beds. It seems like a simple concept just swapping the beds, but it was a little tougher than I thought! It was fun though, and I can’t wait to get everything made up! I really like how my house is coming together!! Later, I’ll post pics of the bedrooms and the headboard.

Just an update on my week, next week I’ll be in Hilton Head with my family! So far, we have planned a kayak excursion and a shark fishing trip! I’m so excited!!

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Hayden said...

that sounds like such a fun class! i think alison is taking it in the fall...i might just have to sign up for it too :)