Thursday, July 1, 2010


Today I’m going to share my feelings on rescued pets. I can NOT stand to hear the words, “I don’t want a rescue” or “I don’t want a pound dog” or even worse “Something must be wrong with it, if it’s in the pound”. Those kinds of comments make me want to slap the silly out of people! I admit there was one time I thought I needed the perfect little overly priced pup to fit into society, and well, we see how that turned out. She was the cutest little thing, who bit me all the time (still have a scar on my lip…thanks, Milly), smart, but a little bit of a brat. Rest her sweet soul, and I cry every time I think of her, but she was a bit of a brat. When I got Pixie, she was pitiful. She absolutely needed me, and I can honestly say that if I had not have rescued her she probably would be dead right now. She has the sweetest soul. If people would realize what all is out there to adopt. Pixie is from a puppy mill which means she was raised to be one of the expensive little “designer breeds” (Malti-poo, thanks to Jessica Simpson for making those popular) to be sold in pet stores for ridiculous amounts of money, and she is not a rare find in a humane society. If people would only look, there are thousands of “designer breeds” and even pure breeds to be rescued. Not to mention, they come with all their shots and even spayed or neutered, and Pixie came with a microchip. Pixie was about six months old, so I believe that she was being kept to be a mommy dog to put it nicely. I am so thankful that she was rescued before she ever endured any of that misery. It breaks my heart to think about this time last summer she was stuck in a tiny over filled cage in the heat of summer probably in some hot barn somewhere. This is her first summer to fully experience. She loves running and rolling around in the grass, chasing birds and squirrels, and eating flowers. It warms my heart to see her expressions and truly see it in her face how grateful she is for everything she has. After I got her and still to this day, it is precious to see how proud she is of her dog bed, toys, and treats. I cannot explain to you the love a rescue pet will give. Animals that need rescuing are just like homeless children who need adopting. It has nothing to do with them, it was just the situation they were dealt.
Words of the Pedigree commercial:
Shelter dogs aren’t broken; they’ve simply experienced more life. If they were human, we’d call them wise. They would be the ones with tales to tell and stories to write. The one dealt a bad hand and responded with courage. Do not pity a shelter dog- adopt one.

It’s cool to adopt!! Check out who else loves a rescue dog!

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