Friday, July 9, 2010

We interrupt your program…

I work a good 30 minutes from home, but with that there are some perks. The city my office is in is in the city I grew up in, the city where my family still lives. So, the perks: I get to take my dog to my parent’s in the morning (just as if I’m taking my child to day care) that way I can let her out and play with her at lunch, and I also get to eat lunch at home with my dad and sometimes I even stay for dinner, too! It really works out for me. I don’t ever have to buy any groceries, so maybe it balances out on the gas I have to buy. My mom is a school teacher which means she’s at home in the summer. This has another perk, because this usually means that she has a lunch made for us by the time we get there. Well, one lunch last week my granddad joined us, and we were enjoying our, I don’t remember , chicken salad maybe, any who, we were enjoying lunch talking about the garden, life, etc., and my mom breaks in with this oh so urgent news. I mean I would have thought she was announcing the next big thing. After this whole conversation we had, I’m going to break it down in highlights for you. If you ever have an armadillo problem, just put out bubble gum. There, that’s what the exciting news was. We have a farm house, and apparently some armadillos have been digging huge holes around it, so I guess to them this was good news, but it just sort of made me giggle. I have no idea how it works, but they went to check and no more armadillo holes. She said just to spread around a few pieces of cheap style bubble gum (the kind in big tubs are Sam’s). I hope I have been able to help someone by sharing this important piece of information. And remember, armadillos are one of God's creatures, too. So please try the gum method before the gun method...Happy chewing!

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