Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun Fact Friday: Coffee Grinds

Today I will tell you about what I learned this past week. I've learned that not only do coffee grinds keep slugs at bay, but they are also good for your soil.

This is very green. Maybe I'm becoming green? I think I'm more of an army green.

Whatever your reason, it helps the environment out and it helps your plants out. I hear that coffee grinds especially help out with blueberries, hydrangeas and azaleas, but that "may just be a myth".  You can read all about it here.

Also crush up your egg shells and throw them into your soil.  Great for the environment, great for soil and slugs can't crawl over the sharp edges.  If you wonder why I'm hating on the slugs right now, it's because they can kill your plants! You can also set out a small container with beer in it at the base of your plant. Slugs (like me) like beer. They will crawl in, drink until their hearts are content and die. 

I think I'd rather not waste beer on the slugs, so I'm testing the coffee grinds.

Not sure if this is what they're suppose to look like. Here's hoping they'll turn blue soon!

And for your viewing pleasure:
My Potholder =)

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Hayli said...

Starbucks has a can they place all their grinds in everyday, and there are some faithful gardeners that empty it constantly...I knew about this, but it completely slipped my mind!! I love your gardens and flowers!! :)