Monday, May 16, 2011

Mi Jardin

I'm so pleased with my garden this year. Stephen helped me one day plant these flowers out front, hang my fern and plant a Hydrangea (not pictured). My mom helped me with the Jalapeno plants, and I planted the Basil. Do you want any? I plant it just because, but I don't ever use it. Any ideas what to do with it? We have an abundance of misused herbs; that should be a crime.   My parents also planted my back flower garden with three blueberry bushes and a Dogwood tree! They have blueberries on them; they aren't blue yet. It has been such a joy to see them grow. I can't wait to have blueberry smoothies and muffins all summer long!

We also celebrated seis de Mayo! (Get it, because we celebrated the sixth instead of the fifth?)

Check out how my window garden is coming along!

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