Friday, January 27, 2012

Catch Up

#4 Letterbox
This is Stephen's "letterbox", and this spring I am going to do some fixin'.  I'm thinking we should paint the post.  Black? Then, add some monkey grass and pull up whatever that half dead plant is...or try to resuscitate it.  Then, add some numbers on the post.  Yeah, that'd all look good.
#5 Something You Wore
I went to my very first country music concert last night, Blake Shelton.  My sister won tickets off the local radio station for her boyfriend who couldn't get off work, so I went! We had a ball! These were what I wore.

#6 Makes You Smile

#7 Favorite
This picture just makes me laugh. It's my favorite one from our New Year's Eve weekend.  It's blurry, sorry.  We were trying to figure out my camera's auto taker thingy. We obviously weren't ready when it snapped.  :)

#8 Your Sky
Just went outside and took this.  Beautiful day.

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