Friday, January 20, 2012

Four Equal Parts

Today is something I adore.  The things I adore most in this world are my pets.  Though we don't all live together anymore, I still love them as if they are mine.  I am lucky to still have my Maggie.  She's the perfect porch kitty.  I love a good porch kitty.  I got her when I was in 5th or 6th grade (Mom help me out!)? She started inside the house when she was young, grew into an indoor/ outdoor feline, and now she has become a full blown porch kitty (except when it's cold and Daddy isn't looking).  She drools, she's moody, she loves a good brushing with the broom.  She's my may-may.

Next is my Beana-Weana. I got Beamer the summer before I started my Junior year in high school.  I begged and begged for her, and finally Mom gave in.  She was going to go off to school with me, and ride along side me in my BMW convertible.  Neither of those statements happened. I'm glad I left her at home; my mom wouldn't have been able to handle the empty nest, so Beamer became my sister.  Mom made her stay on the screened in porch during the days when she was a, we don't go on vacation unless she can come.  She is as much a member of our family as my sister and I are. 

Then, of course you know my Pixie. Sweet, sweet Pixie.

Lastly, but not least, my newest addition, Martha. Sweet, camera shy Martha.

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Tamara said...

It is about time to give us some updates birthday girl. I miss reading your blog....LOVE YOU, MAMA