Monday, November 8, 2010

Flow it, Show it- Long as I can grow it

Stephen's dog Martha is an absolute sweetheart.  She is seriously the most behaved big dog I have ever encountered.  She's only a year old, and she is so calm and smart.  She's way better behaved than Pixie...Martha actually comes to you when she's called!  I only have one issue with her... Dun*Dun*Dun...her hair! I feel like Stephen's house is being overtaken by hair, and I fear no matter what it's going to be that way.

Martha has that lab like hair, coarse, short and everywhere!  It just gathers in little places on the floor, and it really grosses me out. It's everywhere.  I find Martha all over the place.  In my purse, in my car, at my desk at work.  Let me explain, we aren't gross people.  I clean it constantly, and it's not that bad.  I may be exaggerating a bit because this is one thing that I have always had a big hate towards.  When I was getting a pet, I knew it had to be a breed that would not shed.  However, Stephen already had Martha when I met him, and so it is what it is. 

On that note, I know that Stephen is not the only person in the world with a shedding dog in the house.  What do you do to keep the hair at bay?  Do you vacuum everyday?  I know all the things on the market to use to get rid of the hair, but do they actually work?  Any input on this would be much obliged!

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Jerry'sMiddleFinger said...

Martha appreciates the nice things you said about her and she's sorry about the hair.