Friday, January 28, 2011


Happy 91st Birthday, Granddaddy!

I owe this man a lot. 

He rubbed my ankles/feet for hours when I was a baby; therefore, I didn't have to wear braces.

He picked me up from daycare everyday at lunch and played Chinese checkers and colored Minnie Mouse pictures with me.

He taught me to tie my shoes, and I love that I do it left handed like he does.

He taught me how to fish and how to eat moon pies with RC colas.

He has been a huge part in my life, and I am thankful for his life!

Thanks to my granddad, I'm a Chinese checkers playing, moon pie eaten, left hand tying, straight ankled girl!


Andie said...

So sweet!

Susie said...

Your grandfather those great to be 90!! Seems like he is an amazing granddad, your one lucky girl to be surrounded by many great men in your family!!