Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fire Hazard


“Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn."

C.S. Lewis

 Apparently not me.
Stephen and I have been building fires nightly, and I love it!  That's how he's persuaded me to hang out at his house most every night.  "If we hang out at my house tonight, I'll build you a fire."  "Ohhh, ok, but only because of the fire!"  Or so, that's how I remember it in my head. 

A fire warms up the house (not just literally). It brings in a smell like no other, and I can get lost in a trance just starring at the flames.  I enjoy playing helping by poking the fire along.  I apparently don't know how to use the poker correctly, and that sometimes gets me in trouble.  For instance, the other night I was poking away and got burned on my finger.  No big deal except emotions came rushing back.

Remember when I said I don't learn from experience? Well, I was apparently mesmerized by fire as a small tot, too.  My parent's had one of those wood burning stoves set in our fireplace.  They would build fires, and Mom would set a bowl of burning potpourri on top.  She would occasionally come by and stir which made it even more intriguing.  Being the nosey little thing I am, I wanted to have a look!  I think did ask for help, but before she could help me I laid my hands right down on the stove top.  Ouch.  Did I mention this was on Thanksgiving day?  Perfect timing, huh?  Right when everyone was about to show up for a nice helping of Thanksgivingness, we had to rush off the emergency room.  A few weeks in creams and bandages, and I was as good as new. 
Don't you love our matching kittens flossing sweatshirts???
Moral of the story: watch yourself and others around fires! Simple as that. 

{I also really just wanted to show off our cool sweatshirts- did you see them? They have kittens and mice flossing and brushing their teeth.  How 1990 is that?}

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Tamara said...

Thank goodness for the wonderful cream you got at the hospital. You looked like a little boxer just ready for the gloves. I have to say that it didn't slow you down one bit!!