Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who's that girl??

Nothing warms up this cold, dreary day like thinking about someplace tropical.  So, come back with me if you will, and let's explore old body types Hawaii together. 

Day One
 We had just landed and went straight to the beach
Who's that skinny girl?? Oh, that's me before college.
We dressed like locals...

We swung from ropes.

We stood in front of picturesque locales and waved like fools.

We played in waterfalls.

We awed at views like this.

We saw where some of Jurassic Park (1) was filmed.

We hitchhiked...sounds safe doesn't it??

We snorkeled.

We took surf lessons from these hippies.

We made matching necklaces.

I am a little disappointed in the picture quality of these photoes; however, I was 18 and didn't own a very good camera.  Back then I didn't care. I was having the time of my life, and thought I would remember all details vividly in my mind forever.  I do have an entire album of photos, and I smile everytime I go through it.  This was an amazing senior trip, family vacay, and tour of the Hawaiian islands.  This experience was shared with friends that I didn't know would later become best friends and family especially my grandmother.  We were young, we were silly, and we were sometimes stupid.  Everything a senior trip should be! =) Thankfully, we all came back alive and well!

I wanna go back!!!


Andie said...

SO.MUCH.FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your recap!

Andie said...

...and I LURVE all the VAST swim suits in the surfing pic! :)

Tamara said...

I am so glad you got to go to Hawaii with Mama. She had such a good time being with the girls. I want to go someday!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking up to Beat the Winter Blues! Cool you swung from ropes!