Thursday, June 9, 2011


I don't like basil.

That feels good to say out loud. I feel so much better. Thanks for letting me vent.

I really enjoy the smell of basil, but I can't eat it. I tried. I was shocked, because for so long I figured I liked it. I really had never had it though. This weekend, Stephen and I went to a concert in Atlanta, and we went to a restaurant called The Big Ketch.  It was great. I discovered I do like raw oysters, and they brought boiled peanuts to lightly munch on while we waited. Boiled peanuts. Free. I was in heaven. There wasn't much light munching, but there was a lot of throwing peanuts toward my face. I caught most of them. I ordered a shrimp salad. They brought me orange-basil vinaigrette. It was horrendous. Next year, I think I'll figure out a different herb to plant.

This was afterwards; please excuse the sexy hot, sweaty look.
We love this hotel. They offer a free limo service to and from the show.

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