Monday, June 13, 2011

(Saving) Dollar Days

With the economy where it is I thought I’d challenge myself to saving more money (or not spending any- but that sounds lame, so I’ll say saving).  A friend gave me the idea of giving myself $50 a week to spend, then saving the rest… but I am going to take that one step further and allow myself $25 a week.  What?! Twenty.Five. Dollars. For. One. week?? Is that to include gas, food and life, you may ask! Yes. I am as nervous as you are. It may not be possible, but then again it may. Now, the rules: If I don’t spend the full $25, it can carry over. Keep in mind I’m on the road for one hour every day, and I have a gas guzzler.  Get a smaller car, you suggest?  This one was given to me by my wonderful parents= no car payment.  Case closed.  That’s it. It’s June 13th. I’ll do this for the rest of June.  Here goes nothing! I’m scared!  I’ll keep you updated on my progress. This doesn’t mean I’ll start living a boring life; it just means I’ll have to be more creative in my activities and meal planning. By meal planning I mean sandwich making.
What are your saving money tips?

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