Monday, June 13, 2011

Coupon Failure

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping for a few items. Only a few, I promise. I had one small buggy full. You know those half sized, double-decker things? Anyway, I had already mapped out the sale items, and I had my coupons ready. I didn’t have pockets, so I took my coupon organizer-thingy. {That is a technical term.} My previous grocery shopping experiences with coupons I’ve always had Stephen with me. I’d hold the coupons, he’d push the buggy and then I’d hand him the coupons we were using to put in his pocket. This method works great. Yesterday, I went it alone.

So, I’m pushing the buggy, holding my organizer-thingy and scanning the aisles. I start to go through my coupons {while still in the organizer-thingy} and it starts to open on me because it’s an accordion type folder. Next thing I know, most of my coupons go flying to the floor. They go everywhere. Thinking back on it, it was quite hilarious. At the moment, it was not. I almost panicked. So, trying to remain all calm and cool, as I usually try to do when in public, I grabbed them (after a few minutes of crawling around on the floor) and stuffed them back in. I guess I’ll spend this afternoon re-organizing.

I’m not getting the hang of coupons, but I’m not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

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The Cooks said...

i like to leave one section of my organizer empty so as i am pulling coupons i can put the ones i used all in one spot and then pull them all out at once when checking out.i used to use the accordion type but now i use a plastic box thing i found at hobby lobby that is supposed to be used to hold pictures. kind of like a big index card holder. i just added card stock and made my own sections. It's a lot bigger and gives me more room to organize and add all the sections i want so i don't have coupon overload! hope that helps!