Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Disappearing Blueberry

Oh, this summer heat is fantastic isn't it? I just love how all my plants act like big babies in this weather. I water them thoroughly (daily), and by the next afternoon they're all acting as if they're about to die. All withered over.  I can just hear them crying out to me, "Mama, waaaaah, I'm hot! I'm tired! I'm thirsty!" I mean come on, grow up already!  It's true. They cry.

So, (daily) I go out and water them. I snip back pieces that need snipping. I drag the water hose from one end of my house to the next, then carefully roll it back up (daily), and all without complaining.... I did get to try my first blueberry the other day.  It wasn't ripe; I was too eager. I spit it out.  However, the last few days I've had one blueberry that looked to be just about ready to pick. The just about ready to be picked part was key, so I left it out to ripen a wee bit more. The next day it's gone. Every time. Not parts of it eaten; it just disappears. Maybe someone is coming by and picking it?  Maybe my yard bunny jumped up and picked it? I keep hearing it's the birds, but I feel that the birds would leave some sort of evidence. I think it's my plants playing tricks on me. Or, there is a blueberry snatcher on the loose. Either way, I don't think I'm going to get my baskets of blueberries this year as I had hoped.


mkelton24 said...

BIRDS! Birds are stealing your blueberries. Pick them just before they are ready and put them in a flat dish near a window. In a day or so-they are ready to eat!

Kirby said...

Thanks so much! Yesterday I picked the four blueberries remaining on my bushes and placed them in the window. Thanks for your help!!