Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I think 25 is going to be a fantastic year if these past few weeks are any indication.

Can you believe I didn't manage to snap one shot of the decor? I was running around doing last minute things, and by the time I settled I had to turn into a hostess.

Here are a few pictures that were captured.
Two favorite guests =)

Cake and Candle Time

He hearts me, really.
I've missed these girls! So glad they came!

My favorite newlyweds were in attendance!

I think the smoke adds a certain something, don't ya think?
So glad my long time friend, Jessica, came! And Martha, too.

JD even left work early for the joyous occasion.

The next weekend, we went bowling with some great friends on Friday. By the way, I'm a great bowler if we only play one game.  I never last through the second.  Saturday I was able to soak up some sun while reading, and Stephen even tried to teach me to play tennis. That was interesting, but very fun! I hope he takes me again soon! Later that evening we went to see The Fab Four with some of my most favorite people! It was so much fun!! I hope you enjoy the pictures!
The couple in the middle actually introduced Stephen and me.  I knew Kathryn growing up because she was best buds with my sister, then later in life she turned into one of my dear friends, too.  Stephen knew Clay because they were fraternity brothers.  Crazy how things work out, but they are now one of our favorite couples to do couple-y stuff with.

Early Beatles

Can you guess what they were playing?

We've had such a great time these last few weeks. Maybe this weekend will be a little more relaxed? Nahhh, probably not!

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Jess said...

Love all of the photos! You are blessed, and I am blessed to know you!