Monday, March 7, 2011

Call me Butter

Because I'm on a roll! ha...haha...ha...

I finished my second book.  I'm not that slow of a reader, or maybe I am, but whatever, that's two down! This was a good one.   A better freebie than the last in my opinion.  That is, until I got to the end.  It just ended.  Have you ever wanted more, but not from a sequel? That's where I was.  Either way, it's over.  It was a sweet read.  Perfect bedtime companion. 

It was another Christian based book which talked a lot about mission work.  Then, at church yesterday they briefly discussed mission work.  Maybe someone's telling me to do some mission work???
Stuck in the Middle by Virginia Smith

It is the first book in a series called Sister-to-Sister.  Joan is the middle sibling who has personally taken on the responsibility of looking after her grandmother.  Her oldest sister is married and about to have a baby, while her youngest lives in the city with a fabulous apartment and wonderful job.  She's stuck in her hometown without a life...or so she thinks.  That's all I'll tell you, but there is a new doctor in town. OK, that's really all I'll tell you.

Easy, delightful read.


Carlin said...

Kirby, if you like Christian fiction, anything by Karen Kingsbury is fantastic!

Jess said...

MISSION WORK?!?! Let's do some. I'm down. Want to go to Haiti for your birthday? My last one was the best birthday I've ever had, thanks to Haiti. So...maybe not Thursday, but thought it'd make you laugh.