Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 2; I'm starving!

My dad and I started the Slimfast diet for lunch.  Not because we're on strict diet, but we had gotten into the habit of ordering take out or pulling through a drive through and well, let's be honest... we've both put on a few.  So today is day number two.  I've eaten a breakfast bar in the mornings, a Slimfast for lunch, a Slimfast snack bar in the afternoon (and let me tell you this thing is barely the size of one Twix; not both of them, just one of them) and turkey (roast beef for Stephen) sandwiches for dinner. Stephen and I have been doing the sandwich deal since last week. It's a lot easier to know that that's what we're going to have, and it's a little better for me, too.  I think Stephen is OK with long as it's the "good" kind; you know the kind from behind the counter that they shave for you.  That was his one and only request. I can grant him that.

All of this rambling just to say I'M STARVING!! It'll get better and easier, I'm sure...OK, I hope, but today I am not in the mood for it! We've also started jogging in the evenings.  So add on all that muscle soreness on top of the hunger pains, and I am not a happy camper!

Beware of this hungry girl!

BTW: It's really not that bad. I'm not starving myself by no means. I'm eating fatty salt and vinegar chips with my sandwich and even loading on the mayo. So, no worries about me not being healthy!! Just trying to cut back and had to complain for a sec, k? Thanks!


Susie said...

Just remember your body needs a lot of protein you cant get from slim fast bars and shakes so your energy will not be as high for running with your dad.Don't want you passing out!!

Hayli said...

I've been "attempting" to start this myself...and you have been my motivation!!! I think I'm going to mix it up with the Special K diet too :)

Kirby said...

I'm glad I could encourage you! It was extremely hard last week, but this week is getting a lot easier! Just stick to it! :) Don't worry, Susie! I'm getting plenty of the right stuff, too! :) Thanks for looking out for me!