Monday, April 25, 2011

One Day

This past weekend was Easter. It was a great celebration. Things were done a little differently...I went to church with Stephen and his family instead of my own. However, we did get to have lunch with my's all about compromise I hear.  Service was great, the music was great. We didn't sing "Up from the Grave" which was a disappointment.
I thought every church had to sing that on Easter Sunday.
I thought it was mandatory.
Maybe I'm old school, but I like to sing songs out of a hymnal at church.
Maybe I really am a 65 year old woman.

Lunch was great. We had our typical baked ham sandwiches with pineapple and boiled eggs. Which by the way is another mandatory Easter Sunday thing.

Friday night, Stephen and I decorated Easter eggs.  Last year we tried to tie-dye our eggs, but they didn't turn out so tie-dyed. They were more like when a child colors every color on one spot and it ends up being brown, yeah, that's what they looked like. This year we went more traditional and just dyed them. Unfortunately they didn't turn out, again. Maybe that's our new tradition? Having extremely unfortunate Easter eggs? I'm pretty sure I know why they didn't turn out. I signed a petition saying that I would only buy cage-free eggs; however, cage-free eggs are brown, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't take to dye. So, as it was, the petition gods frowned upon my beautiful, white eggs and cracked four of them as they were going into the pot of boiling water. We inadvertently made egg drop soup while boiling.

Then, perhaps we got a bad kit, but our eggs were very splotchy. Whatever, we enjoyed making them together. That's all that counts right? I'd like to say that I didn't get upset, because getting upset over dyeing Easter eggs is silly. 

All of this babbling is just to say that one day I will live out of the city limits, and I will have chickens (and a miniature pony). I think it would be so fun to go check for eggs in the afternoon instead of purchasing them in little cartons. A co-worker of mine brings me eggs from his chickens often, and they're a mixture of brown and blue. Therefore, when I have my own chickens, I won't have to dye them. They'll be ready for Easter year round. One day...

Please enjoy my sweet baby's Easter pics.
She loves clothes, really.

Really, she does.

I swear.

Thanks, Mom.

P.S. We saw Water for Elephants Saturday. It was fantastic! =) Definitely would recommend it, but read the book first!

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