Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Thirty years ago today, John Lennon was shot and killed in New York City. 

As I have expressed before, I do enjoy some Beatles and John Lennon music.  It's my favorite. It saddens me to think about what we missed out on.  John Lennon was forty when he died.  40.  That's not old.  Some could argue that he lived many lives during that forty years.  He had way more experiences than I'll ever get to go through, I'm sure.  Be that as it may, he wasn't through.  Stephen and I watched a special on Fox News this weekend about the days leading up to his death. The days before his death he had gotten back in the studio to make music.  Imagine all the talent we could have been experiencing the last thirty years to the present.  He only would have been seventy.  Paul is still rocking on (I got to see him last summer- great!!!!). So, I imagine John would have been pleasing crowds still as well.  I definitely would have loved the chance to get to see him perform...

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