Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weather Warning

Pixie loving the snow!
A few days ago I noticed our outdoor kitty, Maggie, licking what looked like was ice.  At this time of the year if you have outside pets, please remember to take extra measures to keep them warm.  Maggie has her own little house made up complete with electric heating pad. (ok, that might not be the safest thing, but at least she's warm!) Just remember that animals get cold, too.  So, maybe fill their dog house with pine straw and a blanket.  Or, you can cover the opening of the dog house.  BUT BE SURE THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO GET IN AWAY FROM THE ELEMENTS! Something that is preferably off the ground and covered and with walls...something like this would be ok.
Ok, it doesn't have to be this elaborate, but do be sure your pets have somewhere they can get warm.  Put yourself in their position.  Would you want to be stuck outside all night long just to sit under a tree? No. Let's recap.  Be sure they have something to get into, be sure they have water that is not a frozen block of ice, and it doesn't hurt if they have a cute pink polka-dot coat to wear, too! :)

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