Wednesday, February 2, 2011

*I want to apologize up front for the large amount of photos throughout this post.  I can't fully explain the next process without them.  So, enjoy and be thankful it's not you doing all this manual labor!  Also, don't be too harsh about the exhausted looks on all of our faces.  I left out majority of the ones where we looked as if we may fall dead at any given moment.

Our next step in this series is the dining room.  We thought it would be a pretty simple task.  All we had to do was pull up the floor and paint.  Sounds easy enough... We soon discovered that pulling up linoleum would be what our worst nightmares are made of.

 First things first. Are there beautiful hard woods under there??

The next few pictures were taken over the next few days.  Extremely daunting task.  It's funny now because the pictures make it appear as if it went by so quickly, but no, it took almost an entire week of scraping and pulling and tugging and soaking. 

My mom was off, so she would spend hours during the day there scraping and pulling and tugging.

Then, we'd load up in the evening and head down to continue to scrape and tug and pull.

Get where I'm going? It took many, many hours and many, many days of hard work to get this up. We so knew it'd be worth it though!

After all that work was over and done with, we had to pick paint! My first experience (bedroom) worked out great.

  Therefore, I was really trusting myself to explore color options...boy, was I wrong!
Purple was not the look I was after.
My dad painted the bottom white after many thoughts about different reds.  He was not feeling it. 
So, I tried to paint the top a red...

Then, he broke my heart and painted over it with a tan...I'm pleased with it though. 

Had to paint the doors!

Had to add a chair rail.



All that work was well worth the effort. The floors came out more beautifully than expected.


alisinpemberley said...

I LOVE the hard wood floors! Very good job and I like the tan color on the walls too! It makes the room light and airy.

Tamara said...

It was amazing how excited we got getting a piece up that was about the size of a piece of chewing gum paper. Very rewarding. Enjoyed every minute. Looking forward to more pictures.