Friday, February 11, 2011

Week One

This was my first week to plan my dinner menu and go to the grocery store once.  It was fantastic!  Worked out so much better than running to the store every afternoon.  If I could just get into this habit it would make life so much easier.

Plan Ahead Tip: Set out frozen chicken breasts night before and marinade in the morning.  They were perfectly thawed and ready to go on the grill.  Also, cook potatoes night before so they'll be ready to peel and add to soup.  This cut way back on my cooking time.

What we ate:

Salmon Patties
Before you turn up your nose, just hear me out.  This is the cheapest and easiest recipe ever.  I've checked. When I was tot, my grandmother would make this for me often.  Growing up I was always rewarded at the end of the year by being checked out first thing in the morning on that last day of school, and she would always make me whatever I wanted for lunch that day.  This was my request.  Now we know that it's also kid friendly. Stephen had never had them before and he approves, too (is he just being sweet?).

1 can of salmon
1 egg
6-7 saltine crackers
1 tsp flour
salt & pepper

And you must eat it with Yellow Label Syrup (and ketchup), which Stephen decided is really honey.

(I don't want to even mention this, but I have to or you'll be surprised.  At least I was.  You have to pick out the bones...gag, gross...ok forget I said that! Apparently there are brands without them I hear, so now I'm on the hunt to find said brand!)

Mix all ingredients up and form into patties.  One can made four which was perfect for us two.  Fry in a little oil for about 5-6 minutes on each side on medium heat. 
When I have this meal, I have to have blue box macaroni and biscuits of course my biscuits weren't homemade like Grandmama's, but the taste brought back so many memories.  Grandmama didn't write this recipe down, so I was just going off what Mom said and what I remembered, but they were just as good as I remembered!


Robyn :) said...

When I was a kid my mom and grandma made salmon loaf and I didn't much like it, but I remember my mom making salmon patties when I was older and I liked them :) I will have to try your recipe.

Teresa said...

Those pineapple quesadillas are calling my name. I love pineapple too, and get one almost every time I go to Costco.....they seem to have the best.
I've enjoyed looking through your house projects. You are doing an amazing job - those floors are gorgeous!
Seeing all those pictures of you working on your house in your shorts and t-shirt make me very jealous of your Alabama weather!

Kirby said...

Thanks, guys! Teresa, don't be too jealous. The pics of us working on my house were from the summer months! It is in the 60s today though, so it's getting up there!

Anna said...

So, I need to know when you find the can or salmon without the bones. I LOVE salmon patties, but dont like picking out the bones. Let me know if you find these mysterious bone-less cans :)

Carlin said...

Salmon patties were my absolute favorite as a kid. All of my friends make fun of my because the only type of fish/seafood I will eat is the salmon out of the can!