Monday, January 14, 2013

Bigger and Better Things

Last week I came to the realization that I was getting married come May.  That's all fun and exciting until someone has to get rid of their home.  We have been talking about doing this since August.  It was always, "We'll put it up for sale."..."We'll sale my house."..."Okay, we've decided to sell Stephen's house."..."Let's put them both up for sale and see what happens; we have time."...We don't have time anymore.  With all this back and forth time slipped up on us.  In actuality neither of us wanted to sell our homes, so we kept pushing it aside. Now we have four months to sell one of our homes.  The one we think we'll have the best luck with is mine. :( 

I started this blog after the renovations of my house were just about complete, so I wasn't able to document the experience.  So, I think I will do a rewind on it.  In honor of putting my house on the market I will do a week long tribute to my home to relive the ups and downs of buying my first house and renovating that house with my family.  I may need a tissue...

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