Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Mom found an outfit to wear! A huge shout out to the (future) in-laws! They led us to this nice little shop in Montgomery.  They were so helpful.  They were so patient.  Mom had a great experience.  I had a great experience.  We all left happy.  I did NOT think that was going to happen...ever.  After the whole ordeal with her outfit for Kali's wedding...yeah, remember she's had to do this twice within eight months...I thought we had seen everything.  Not quite.  There were a few more outfit options out there we have overlooked.  It's exactly what I told her I wanted her to get from the beginning, and she loved it the minute she put it on.  Now she can hug and dance without making her "it's-too-tight-across-my-shoulders-awkward-move".  You (Mom) know what I'm talking about. :)

Yay. All is well. 

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Tamara said...

I am one happy mama. I am ready for the wedding. All you mama's know what I mean when you look for that special outfit and either they look like the grandmother of the bride, like you are going to a prom, or you are in a straight jacket. Arms, boobs, stomach covered!! Yeah