Thursday, January 17, 2013

On the First Night

The day I closed on my house we couldn't wait to get started, so we did just that.  The easiest thing to do first was to paint the master bedroom.  Luckily that room didn't need too much.  When I say "too much" I mean: refinished the hardwood floors, new windows, fresh paint, new ceiling fan.

Oh, and we had to install central heating and air, too. 

Of course Beamer was there helping out.

Mom started trying to get the linoleum flooring off the dining room floor.  This would be an extremely difficult task. 

This would be our "dining" room for the next few weeks/ months.  We'd grab a bite to eat before getting straight to work.

Night one was the easiest.  We were chipper and happy and excited.  We weren't tired yet, but that would come...

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Tamara said...

It was so much fun working together and turning your new home into your castle. It is the cutest house. You were the second family to leave in this house and the facelift you gave it is amazing. Do you remember how when we got a small bit of the floor up, we would get so excited?