Friday, January 18, 2013


The next room we worked on was my dining room.  It was a nightmare.  That linoleum. Ugh. I know I already told you about it, but we worked on it for days. We finally got it up, and the floors are beautiful.

You wouldn't think these floors could be pretty, but they are. Trust me.

We had pretty much had it at this point with this room, so we moved on.  Let's fast forward a few days to see what else we did.

I had the dream of having red somewhere in the house.
First, I decided we'd do red on the bottom. 

Then, Dad decided no red on the bottom.
Then, I decided red on the top.
Then, Dad decided no red on the top. 
He won. No red. Pretty boring if you ask me.
But he did do these for me. 
 I helped out where I could. 
I'll have to find a picture of the floors, but I promise you they turned out beautifully.  We also hung a pretty new chandelier in there and called it a day. 

There's the dining room.


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